The science of EMVIGR

EMVIGR was created from scientific advances made in the healthcare and video game sectors. The founders of EMVIGR are well respected scientists in their fields in both an academic and commercial sense. Bringing commercial and academic ideals together has brought about significant technological advances that form the value of EMVIGR.

This page describes the scientific background within which EMVIGR operates. We use the term “ONLINE THERAPY” to encapsulate our main scientific focus. However, others have used other terms  to describe the kinds of solutions EMVIGR brings to the marketplace:
  • Telehealth, enables people with chronic conditions to measure their vital signs, such as blood pressure, blood oxygen levels or weight in their own home and transmit these data to healthcare professionals, reducing the need for routine follow up visits to general practices or hospital clinics.
  • Telecare, utilises a combination of alarms, sensors and other equipment to automatically initiate an alarm for emergency situations, to mitigate the risks associated with independent living for vulnerable patients with chronic health conditions.
  • Telemedicine, allows patients or other healthcare professionals to consult with healthcare professionals live over video links for immediate care / advice.  Tele-medicine is widely used in the English Prison Service and to service rural communities. Significant cost saving have been realised following the introduction of Telehealth, Telecare and Telemedicine in both the USA and the UK.
  • Teletherapy, allows the remote delivery of highly skilled therapeutic programme embedded within a video game, in the home or at times and places of the patient’s choice. Despite the potential for significant cost savings and improvement of care, there has not yet been substantial introduction of tele-therapy.