Managing and sharing access to fitbit sleep and activity data anonymously 

Highly Secure

DataTribs does not store fitbit data on its own servers, but does allow users to create windows of access for others to view and access fitbit data from the fitbit servers themselves. All the latest security protocols and standards are adhered to and as we do not store the fitbit data we can't lose it (nor can you for that matter)!

Easy and Simple to Use

Cut down on you data gathering times, avoid expensive "sleep lab time", collaborate with colleagues to advance science or just allow your friends and colleagues to see how your sleeping and general activity was last week! Data is automatically anonymised so when it is shared no one can track it back to an actual person


Logging in & Registering

Simple to use, intuitive, reliable registering and logging in using the latest security together with multi-factor authentication

Landing Screen

Mobile Friendly

Use on mobile and desktop devices with high contrast and large, clear, interfaces for adding and listing fitbit data


Fitbit Integration

Fully compliant with fitbit authentication providing a seamless and easy way to access data you have credentials for



Ensuring sharing protocols are easily highlighted to adhere to industry regulations and fitbit terms of use

data entry

Data trib

Ability to record and identify a period of time from a fitbit in a totally anonymous manner for sharing



Manage in a one-stop shop interface that presents a powerful way to list and organise your data



Rapid access to fitbit data presented in a convenient summary highlighting step activity and days available for inspection



Drill down into each day to examine an easily understandable graphical representation of sleep patterns



Exercise bands complete with heart rates are available in addition to sleep data to gain a better understanding of overall activity



Download your data for further exploration and examination in the analysis tools of your choice



All data available in a well presented format to allow instant access in any type of spreadsheet



Share your findings with colleagues to advance your science and make discoveries

DatTribs is an easy to use and simple web portal and if you like to learn more then email us

Visit DataTribs itself and see how the site works and request an account for a test drive

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