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Children’s game arrives on EMVIGR platform

Sir Bramble Haterston the King of Hats has arrived with magic and spells for our younger audience. Children (or adults) now have the chance to battle their way, in a friendly sort of way, through an island kingdom. Rehabilitative therapies are disguised as spell casting, the better you move and cast the spell the more exciting the outcome! Provided by the multi-award winning studio Nosebleed Interactive (known for  the Sony Vita game “The Hungry Hoard”)

Ski game for lower back

Our colleagues at local games studio Coatsink have come on board and provided a commissioned game for the EMVIGR platform! Not only do we hope this new game adds to gameplay enjoyment, but we know it will demonstrate the ability to use EMVIGR technology in more exciting and various ways for rehabilitation therapies.

See the future!

EMVIGR and our partners are organising a workshop to show, first hand, what our technology can do to improve healthcare delivery in the digital age.

We are pleased to announce that Miles Ayling (the Director of Innovation for NHS England) will be the keynote speaker.

There will be full technology demonstrations, talks from Graham and Janet (founders of EMVIGR) as well as lunch and a panel session from leaders of the healthcare and video games industries.

New branding

To reflect the recent successes of EMVIGR and to best position the company for international trade we decided a new look was in order. We have just completed our rebranding exercise and the new, simpler, logo and associated style is ready to wash over our product range.

Business in china

EMVIGR has been invited to attend a trade workshop designed to bring new and innovative business opportunities to the marketplace. The workshop will be held in  Guangzhou in November with EMVIGR one of a delegate of twelve UK companies.

This is a great opportunity and brings the possibility of bringing our technology and expertise to an international market. By collaborating with our Chinese colleagues we can bring sustainable digital healthcare solutions back to the NHS at greater value.

The workshop is organised by Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN). Details pertaining to the workshop:

The workshop will take place across the w/c 17th November 2014 and will be delivered in partnership with the University of Bradford. It will foster collaborations between leading UK and Chinese companies and entrepreneurial scientists, in order to create funded proof of concept projects, with the ultimate aim of establishing innovative and jointly-owned UK-China new technologies and companies, and new market opportunities. Proof of concept projects receive up to £400,000 of funding from Chinese local government and partners and run for up to 2 years. Funds secured can be spent either in China or the UK, as best serves the requirements of a project.