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Cloud Platform

Safe and secure online management of cross-platform patient data
Our online infrastructure has the ability to monitor patients in the home using any game devices or cell phone technology. Secure and safe data retrieval and storage services interface seamlessly using therapist and patient facing web based portals

Patient Analysis

Advanced be-spoke visualisation of patient data
Our approach to analytics allows patient data relating to movement captured from standard gaming interfaces to be relayed to therapists in the medical terms they understand. Therapists can drill down to fine detail or list summary comparisons for a broader view of patient intervention. This can all be done at the therapists desk without the need for patients to leave their homes

Digital Therapy

Delivery of intervention and assessment at point-of-need
Our technologies combine to provide a comprehensive online therapy system. Expert therapy programs are delivered to patients using video game technology and clinically validated algorithms provide remote monitoring for therapists and feedback to patients.

Video Games

Deliver patient therapy and assessments using proven online techniques
EMVIGR game engine technology frees the game developer from concerns relating to the medical requirements found in therapeutic gaming. This allows the game developer to concentrate on the entertainment value of the game and significantly reduces costs of development. Entry into this new marketplace now becomes a commercial reality for the first time for gaming studios